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Data Feed Optimization Supplier Overview

Only one company delivers solutions to optimize your sales and brand through data feed optimization. Edgenet.

Today's consumer can't possibly sort through all the information available to them. Only Edgenet collects, organizes and optimizes data so consumers dynamically experience your brand and your products through data feed optimization. So whether it's a guided selling service that guides a shopper to a product that best fits their needs, or acquiring and certifying data used by search engines – Edgenet's product data management expertise and data feed optimization has a solution to increase your sales.

Visual Selling

Images drive more and more sales today. Edgenet’s solutions visually walk consumers through a supplier’s entire catalog for enhanced branding and better sales.

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Guided Selling

Edgenet’s product data management expertise creates a shopping experience customized to consumer needs.

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Data Services

Edgenet’s Ezeedata collects, scores and improves your data – then delivers it to recipients both in the Edgenet Network or any recipient you choose.

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