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Ezeedata Search

Optimize Your Product Data Feed For Search Engines

Ezeedata optimizes and then certifies your product data and then maps it specifically for its partners Google® and Bing®.

  • Overview

  • Data Feed Optimization For Search and Shopping Engines

  • Nothing Like A Little Competition

  • Step-By-Step Data Feed Optimization With Ezeedata

  • Ezeedata Automated Feed Optimization

  • Get Your Data Ready For Prime Time With Ezeedata Certification

  • Real Time Feed Management With Your Ezeedata Data Quality Score

  • Reach Shoppers Through Search

The Challenge
Search Is On
Everyone uses search engines – one recent study reveals that 92% of online adults use a search engine to find information on the web. We search to learn, to make a decision or to qualify a claim.

Statistics show we behave the same when we shop. Whether the purchase is online or at a brick and mortar store, over 80% of shoppers will research before – or while – they shop.

Realizing the evolution in consumer behavior, search engines have begun to decry “sloppy” data while seeking product feeds of rich, complete product data.

The Solution
Follow The Leader
When the world’s two largest search engines wanted the highest-quality product data, they turned to Edgenet. Edgenet’s Ezeedata collects supplier product information, optimizes it, and then delivers it directly to the Google product feed and the Bing product feed.

Leveraging Edgenet’s unique relationships gives your products a competitive advantage and consumers the shopping experience they demand.

Why Edgenet
Edgenet is the industry leader in data feed optimization.  We wrote the book on organizing and optimizing product data feeds, which is why we’re the first third-party partner to support data collection specifically for suppliers sending their product information to the Google shopping feed and the Bing shopping feed.

Edgenet boasts a massive network of suppliers, search engines, shopping engines and retailers, all supported by its data feed optimization tools.

Data Feed Optimization For Search and Shopping Engines
Take control of your product data feed and deliver rich product data to Google® and Bing® with Ezeedata’s Search!

  • Experience true product data management for search and shopping sites
  • Perfect your product content for the Bing product feed and Google product feed
  • Enhance your brand through superior feed management

Ezeedata Search offers unparalleled data feed optimization for search and shopping engine feeds. Better feed management means richer data, which in turn creates a more rewarding shopping experience. With its intuitive software as a service (SaaS) web interface, Ezeedata allows you to continually enhance your data’s searchability by improving the quality and completeness of your product data feed.

Nothing Like A Little Competition
Sometimes the best measure of your effectiveness is to compare yourself to your competition. Ezeedata’s superior data feed management allows you to compare your data score with others in your industry and get a true picture of where you are competitively.

  • Discover how your data has improved through data feed optimization
  • Learn about your true competitors
  • Exhibit your brand in the best light with product data feed optimization

With Ezeedata’s product quality scoring an improved data quality score means an improved brand. And the better you understand your competition, the better your strategy, branding and view of your industry. With Ezeedata’s data feed management, scoring gives you a snapshot of your data’s readiness for consumers – and how ready your competition's products are compared to yours.

Step-By-Step Data Feed Optimization With Ezeedata
With Ezeedata’s product quality scoring, the better your data quality score, the better your data expresses your products.

  • Follow Ezeedata’s data quality recommendations to deliver unparalleled data feed optimization
  • Enter data and improvements once for changes all throughout Ezeedata
  • Increase data quality scores of products and achieve Ezeedata certification

Data feed optimization impacts how consumers view products. Ezeedata uses a sophisticated Progressive Data Quality Engine that scores the accuracy and completeness of your product data along with an intuitive Software as a Service (SaaS) interface to allow you to enter your information once for use throughout your company – and anywhere in the Edgenet Network.

Ezeedata Automated Feed Optimization
Ezeedata’s industry-leading data feed optimization portal is built specifically for suppliers.

  • Reduce workload
  • Save time
  • Increase data accuracy

Unleash the power of Ezeedata’s unique data feed management technology to automatically improve your product data. Ezeedata employs a powerful Image Assisted data entry service making data entry up to 40% easier. Ezeedata Assist uses your product images to identify and complete common attributes for products.

Get Your Data Ready For Prime Time With Ezeedata Certification
Ezeedata certifies your product content so you know your data feed is ready for distribution.

  • Certified data gives you confidence in your data feed management by delivering optimized best product data to your trading partners
  • Ezeedata’s certification is recognized for its quality and completeness by recipients like Google® and Bing®
  • Discover how your data ranks, and improve data quality through Ezeedata's certification process

Certification provides a standard in the challenging world of product data feeds and data feed optimization. Ezeedata certification means confidence – confidence in your feed management. Consumer confidence in their purchase, meaning reduced returns. Confidence by your recipients, from retailers to search engines and shopping feeds.

Real Time Feed Management With Your Ezeedata Data Quality Score
Ezeedata’s quantitative scoring algorithm continuously monitors your product data quality and alerts you to changes in market needs.

Bad feed management means a poor user experience, and can mean a return of a dissatisfied purchase or a missed sale. With Ezeedata’s Progressive Data Quality and data feed optimization processes, you can have confidence in knowing your product data feed meets the needs of partners and consumers. Ezeedata’s product data quality scoring happens in near real time – delivering suggestions for further data feed optimization.

Reach Shoppers Through Search
Enable your products to stand out and sell on retailer and affinity sites with data feed optimization for these sites.

  • Over 80% of shoppers research online before – or during – a purchase
  • Online sales continue to rise globally
  • Shoppers demand rich, complete data derived from superior feed management

Data feed optimization means focusing on the details – like the numerous image types and feature information required by so many sites. Minding the details can consume time. Now, you can enter your product information once with Edgenet, and Ezeedata will ensure your product data feed is ready for all of your trading partners.

Edgenet also gives you a unique opportunity to reach millions of shoppers by delivering data mapped directly to the Bing® shopping feed and the Google® shopping feed. By utilizing Ezeedata Search through Edgenet, you’re opening the door to millions of shoppers and increasing your sales potential exponentially!

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