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Visual Selling Overview

Images drive more and more sales today as consumers are moving from reading as their sole source of education and information. Edgenet’s solutions visually walk consumers through a supplier’s entire catalog for enhanced branding and better sales.

The Challenge:

Retailers are presented with the challenge to offer products in stores and online.  They not only have to connect the dots between brick & mortar and ecommerce, but also help consumers research and evaluate products.   Did we mention that consumers want this information presented in a compelling way?

The Visual Selling Solution:

Retailers sell products in a compelling way by reaching Pros and DIYers when they design a project. Visual selling presents products when customers are making key purchase decisions, which makes it easier for retailers to sell a wide variety of products.  From deck railings and fencing to garage doors and patio furniture, Outdoor Design Series supports multiple product categories. Retailers benefit as designs inspire purchases and project estimates with specific materials to drive leads and generate sales.  This online solution connects the dots as consumer plans are shared with store associates, seamlessly connecting online shoppers with in-store sales. 

Edgenet’s Big Hammer Design Series is the only solution that connects suppliers with retailers and consumers by using actual product data and pricing. Big Hammer Pro Design Series and Big Hammer Do-It-Yourself Designer Series are powerful tools to drive sales.  The online application offers versions for both do-it-yourselfers and pros for deck, fence, garage, post frame design. Inspirational applications are also offered for kitchen and bath design. 

How can retailers participate?

Retailers can offer online design applications from their website.  This application helps customer design and build with stock and special order products.  Design Series can include product information, and even product SKUs and pricing. 

Sell a Variety of Products to Pro and DIY Customers - Showcase products to do-it-yourselfers and pro builders to drive product sales for lumber, composites, fasteners, brackets, outdoor furniture, post caps, railing systems, grills, decking, fencing, roofing, siding, windows, doors and more.

Access Online Design - The 3D Designer Series is a web-based 3D visual selling application and always available to users

Simplify Purchasing - Generate detailed printouts, complete plans and bill of materials. Photo sharing capabilities allows for additional users collaboration and idea sharing

Ease of Use - Design Series was created with the user in mind, offering flexible design options, template projects, freeform design and wizard based guidance

Internet Product Listings & Placements

Provide a shopping experience like no other. Let your customers tour products in a digital showcase!

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