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Comparison Shopping Feed Management

Outmuscle Competition With Better Data
Comparison shopping feeds demand more product features, images and copy. Build your brand by delivering the richest product data.

  • Overview

Better data. Better Comparison Shopping Management.
Edgenet's comparison shopping management solutions move consumers from simple price comparison to feature education by providing rich, searchable product content. Edgenet partners with Better Homes and Gardens to offer Home Makeovers, an interactive home product comparison channel with product data supplied by Edgenet. Over 6 million unique visitors a month to have the opportunity to learn more about and visualize their products in home settings, with information supplied directly from the manufacturers via Edgenet’s Product Data Management.

Key Features

  • Professional buyers and merchants discover new product offerings
  • Consumers receive an image-laden shopping experience at
  • Edgenet’s Comparison Shopping Management allows consumers to compare products based on product attributes and features, not just price
  • Comparison Shopping Feed Management is powered by supplier data in the Edgenet Network

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