• Your customers have traded in the physical store for the digital marketplace to make their purchasing decisions, making your internet presence across retailers, ecommerce, and searching vital to your future. While traditionally the digital presence of products has been dictated by the retailer, we’re putting the control back into the hands of Brands.

    We guide and collaborate with Brands to extend their influence consistently across their selling channels by applying our deep domain expertise to the categorization and completeness of their product content.

    • We categorize your content with pre-built domain specific and customizable taxonomy
    • We promote completeness and correctness of your content through data quality validations inherent to the platform
    • We enable you to control your brand promise to foster a direct, trusted connection with all your customers

    Edgenet is driven by taxonomy, validations, workflow and role assignments that guide you through the process of effectively managing your product content. Updating continuously based on taxonomy changes and product requirements, Edgenet allows you to scale based on the demands of your products and increase your speed-to-market.

    We empower Brands to take control of their digital discoverability through rich product content to drive informed purchase decisions.

  • m2o Cloud is the preferred selling solution by window, door, and window treatment manufacturers and dealers. Edgenet provides the only truly cloud configuration tool in the Window and Door industry. Our patented configuration technology works in real time, on any device, anywhere.

  • Whether you are a contractor or a DIY first timer, with Edgenet's Outdoor Projects solution, you’ll be able to design the project of your dreams. OdP will allow you to visualize it against an image of your home, receive a materials list down to the last screw – and enjoy the confidence that the structure you’ve designed is safe and reliable for years of use.

  • How Edgenet Relieves Your Standardization Pain

    To do business with most retailers, adhering to GDSN standards is mandatory or you won’t be able to sell your products through their channels. GDSN prescribes how your products are distributed, organized, and displayed to provide the best experience for your customers.

    As one of the largest certified GDSN data pools, Edgenet allows you a direct connection to GDSN with faster updates and without the expensive third party provider fees. Transitioning from your existing data pool to the Edgenet data pool can be completed with minimal disruption in the following steps in less than a week from when you receive your purge notice:

    1. Purge product content and GLN from previous provider
    2. Convert your product content
    3. Edgenet completes your initial account setup
    4. PCc Supplier Portal training
    5. Implementation completion
    6. Transition to Support for continual success

    With this transition to the Edgenet GDSN data pool, you get a robust set of functionality with Product Content Cloud (PCc) for Brands to validate, enrich, and syndicate your product content with 1500+ attributes and 1800+ category attributes at your disposal. From PCc you can distribute customized or pre-built product content templates, called Connects, to export your GDSN-compliant data to all your endpoints.

    Key Features

    • Certified GDSN Data Pool (top 3 of 33)
    • 120+ GDSN publish validations
    • Custom Connect (template) creation and library of existing
    • Multiple format options for file distribution (excel, CSV, XML, JSON) via FTP and email
    • Powered by high quality, structured data that already exists in PCc

    Key Benefits

    • Increase speed-to-market with GDSN publish validations
    • Eliminate costs of GDSN compliance by removing third party provider fees
    • Minimize error with GDSN-specific and Edgenet-specific validation
    • Streamline distribution across your partners with easy product updates and delivery scheduling