Your customers have traded in the physical store for the digital marketplace to make their purchasing decisions, making your internet presence across retailers, ecommerce, and searching vital to your future. While traditionally the digital presence of products has been dictated by the retailer, we’re putting the control back into the hands of Brands.

We guide and collaborate with Brands to extend their influence consistently across their selling channels by applying our deep domain expertise to the categorization and completeness of their product content.

  • We categorize your content with pre-built domain specific and customizable taxonomy
  • We promote completeness and correctness of your content through data quality validations inherent to the platform
  • We enable you to control your brand promise to foster a direct, trusted connection with all your customers

Edgenet is driven by taxonomy, validations, workflow and role assignments that guide you through the process of effectively managing your product content. Updating continuously based on taxonomy changes and product requirements, Edgenet allows you to scale based on the demands of your products and increase your speed-to-market.

We empower Brands to take control of their digital discoverability through rich product content to drive informed purchase decisions.


What Does Product Content Cloud Mean for Your Business?

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One Place For All Your Product Content

Your best product data set shouldn’t be hidden in a hard drive or a corporate silo. Edgenet’s Product Content Cloud solution provides one repository with unlimited seats storing your best and latest product information.

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Unparalleled Product Content Quality

Beyond visual validations, “eyes-on” quality checks, obsolescence processes and workflows that allow review/correction, Edgenet boasts integrated tools that constantly perform thousands of checks on your product data.

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Product Content Structured to Sell

Enter your product data once. Edgenet will prepare it for export to retailers, ready to sell. Stop preparing different spreadsheets in various formats with different details to meet every retailer and distributor.

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Drive Revenue Growth

Standardized data means it’s ready to use. Whether its logistics, getting a new product to market, or meeting consumer demand for consistent information across every channel, Edgenet’s PCc delivers product data ready for business.

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Reduce Costs

Edgenet’s partner manufacturers and retailers experience a luxury - the opportunity to allocate resources away from detail - and pressure-filled jobs like curating product data. Instead, partners turn to one centralized storage place, eliminating departmental silos and the inefficiency of scouring the company for pieces of a product’s data set.

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Manage Your Brand

Keep all the details of your product and brand easily accessible for consistent messaging across all channels.

Who uses Product Content Cloud?

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We have Edgenet as a single point of entry to get our content out quickly and easily to multiple business partners."
Taniel Khamo
Online Marketing Manager, Klein Tools
Klein Tools - Taniel Khamo
One of the biggest advantages that we're seeing is that we're able to enter an item one time, and then we can use that same data for several of our etailers. The initial loading of data is a one-time shot. Edgenet Connect has saved us hours of work."
Ryan Wilson
Communications Leader, Kohler Co.

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Rooted in a long-standing business relationship, Kohler selected Edgenet to expertly manage their product content and distribute it across their sales endpoints from a single platform.

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