Product Content Cloud

Product data can’t be managed part-time using inferior software or spreadsheets anymore. It’s time to rethink the inefficiencies and inaccuracies leading to lost sales, and decentralized data management.

Accurate product content means lower returns, and increased shopper satisfaction. Refining a single, complete product content set allows for consistency across all consumer channels, essential as shoppers review and decide on multiple platforms.

As the second largest GDSN data pool in the world, we know that logistics information is only 1/3 of the information needed for complete product content. Edgenet's solutions provide suppliers with the ability to easily combine the remaining information for a complete product record.


What Does Product Content Cloud Mean for Your Business?

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One Place For All Your Product Content

Your best product data set shouldn’t be hidden in a hard drive or a corporate silo. Edgenet’s Product Content Cloud solution provides one repository with unlimited seats storing your best and latest product information.

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Unparalleled Product Content Quality

Beyond visual validations, “eyes-on” quality checks, obsolescence processes and workflows that allow review/correction, Edgenet boasts integrated tools that constantly perform thousands of checks on your product data.

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Product Content Structured to Sell

Enter your product data once. Edgenet will prepare it for export to retailers, ready to sell. Stop preparing different spreadsheets in various formats with different details to meet every retailer and distributor.

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Drive Revenue Growth

Standardized data means it’s ready to use. Whether its logistics, getting a new product to market, or meeting consumer demand for consistent information across every channel, Edgenet’s PCc delivers product data ready for business.

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Reduce Costs

Edgenet’s partner manufacturers and retailers experience a luxury - the opportunity to allocate resources away from detail - and pressure-filled jobs like curating product data. Instead, partners turn to one centralized storage place, eliminating departmental silos and the inefficiency of scouring the company for pieces of a product’s data set.

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Manage Your Brand

Keep all the details of your product and brand easily accessible for consistent messaging across all channels.

Who uses Product Content Cloud?

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