Lowe's Vendors All Just Got A Ferrari

Lowe's Vendors All Just Got A Ferrari

I am already seeing the advantages with utilizing Edgenet, particularly when I have a vendor that uses them for their GDSN services as well. I have much better visibility of my data and feel more empowered when making changes or updating data utilizing the Edgenet platform. In those few times I have hit a snag as I learn, their support team has been phenomenal in resolving my issues and teaching me at the same time.
Logan Roope

Lowe's Vendors All Just Got A Ferrari To Drive Product Content Wherever You Want Your Brand To Go

Would you buy a 2001 Saturn when you have a brand new Ferrari in your driveway? Of course not.

Lowe’s has sponsored the most complete product content platform for all vendors. This was not merely a replacement of a Lowe’s-specific tool as many might think. You have essentially been given a product content solution on the level of a luxury company car (How about a Ferrari?), but you can drive it (and your content) anywhere you want, as long as you also go to the office (Lowe’s) too of course.

In giving all vendors a subsidized vehicle for marketing and logistics data in Edgenet Product Content Cloud, vendors can not only fulfill Lowe’s requirements, but drive product content to Lowe’s, and to recipients well beyond. With Edgenet Product Content Cloud, you can now extend your brand value and message to any recipients, sales channels, and all other roads you want your content to travel - all from one single, sleek, powerful repository. Truly an omnichannel solution.

The market always has new kids on the block. Remember Saturn? The Saturn 4-door was a nice enough, get around town, easy to use car - but consumers who took the chance on them found themselves soon without a Saturn company, a service department, or any support. This is only the beginning of the difference between other tools and the Edgenet platform you have in your driveway.

2001 Saturn

Ferraris and the Ferrari Brand are mainstays, no matter the automotive climate. Ferrari built its first model in 1940. The decades of building for the finest quality and automotive spirit have paved the way for the company to be considered one of the finest without question.

1940 AAC Tipo 815

How is your new product content solution like a Ferrari? Well, first - it is the only solution equipped standard with a tool that actually validates your content for completeness and correctness - in real time. Other tools may make it simple to jam your data into a system with no questions asked by the system, with very low requirements of the data coming in (but that will come to pass when you actually need to send it to anyone). Lesser data tools will make your business sputter and seize, and you will have to rely solely on their support and maintenance for every data feed. Imagine needing a mechanic every time you have a new destination!

When you use another product content tool in addition to the Ferrari of content you are already driving, not only are you adding unnecessary cost, but time and effort. You, for no good reason, will be stuck with maintaining a 2001 Saturn that sits in your driveway staining the concrete with oil leaks, while also driving your Ferrari. You will have to manage your content in multiple portals, only getting yourself into spreadsheet chaos that you already have a finely appointed, smooth-handling vehicle to avoid those hazards.

Edgenet, not unlike Ferrari, is over a decade into mastering product content, and handling the winding roads of Home Improvement and Automotive Aftermarket industries. Edgenet has built, tested, validated, and experienced every bump in the road to perfect product content for these industries. Don’t be fooled by newcomers (the “Saturns” of product content) with no staying power, no history, no tradition, no experience for fine tuning - and especially be skeptical of anyone compelling you to do more of the same work, with duplicate, totally incomparable tools. In no known universe does a 2001 Saturn have as much appeal as any Ferrari from any year.

Know the health of your product content before you drive.

The “Saturns” of product content do not have the most important feature on your dashboard - data quality scoring. You need a complete dashboard in your car. You need to understand the health of your engine. You need to see problems before they arise. Edgenet is the only tool with a real time readout of all your content in one place.

The "Saturns" focus their business on soda companies and sporting goods. When was the last time you bought soda online? A baseball? Edgenet has been living in the Home Improvement and Automotive Aftermarket spaces, and have the category attributes, and thus speed to market, your company needs.

Edgenet Product Content Cloud is the only content tool that has deep industry and category knowledge in home improvement and automotive aftermarket lines, and has real time validations for correctness and completeness.

Manage all your product content in a single solution, built on experience, and road tested - on any highway you want to travel.

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