#EdgenetAcademy REWIND - February 4th Session a Success for Suppliers and Retailers

#EdgenetAcademy REWIND - February 4th Session a Success for Suppliers and Retailers

I really wish the other data service companies would adopt this approach...
Mark Berner, Catalog Department Manager, Continental Automotive Systems Inc.

The February 4th 2016 Edgenet Academy session was an amazing success! Attendee expectations were met and exceeded. Visiting suppliers and retailers were involved and very candid which sets us all toward stronger partnerships. Mutual success in the Edgenet Academy has created product evangelists, and increased business opportunities for all involved. After a day of learning, we all dined at the Southern, and visited Bridgestone Arena to see the Nashville Preds play the Philadelphia Flyers! Good times were had by all.

Here is a review:

Opening Session - led by Brian Roloff
Brian welcomed everyone to the inaugural Edgenet Academy. We began with introductions and asked each participant to establish a goal that they wanted to achieve through the academy. He presented best practices for data management programs in general and how to apply those to the Edgenet workflow to increase their efficiency.

Commerce User Training & Workshop - led by Crystal Kerrens
Crystal combined the New User & Advanced Commerce Trainings and created a hands-on workshop. After she demonstrated a process in our workflow, each of her students then worked through that process in their own account. She did a fantastic job and increased their proficiency to that of a very advanced user.

Supplier Integration & Industry Opportunities Discussion & Workshop - led by Michael Sullivan
Sully led the conversation on what PCc is, available integration advantages, and the additional value it can provide. They also covered data trends. Particularly those specific to the auto industry. Thanks to Sully’s long experience, he expertly addressed the specific issues they were experiencing in the workflow.

Mark Berner
Catalog Development Manager ContinentaI Corporation

Eric Hart
Product Manager ContinentaI Corporation

Rick Raveau
Catalog Analyst Continental Corporation

Rosie Contreras
Data Enhancement Manager RPUI

Randy Davis
Manager of Commercial Sales Johnson Controls. Inc.

Chris Hough
Pricing and Catalog Manager Johnson Controls. Inc.

Janine Rigsby
Product Catalog Coordinator Valvoline

Bill Clark Z-Net Manager
Quinton Echols Z-Net Manager

Crystal Kerrens - Customer Success Manager
Polly Gleneck - Customer Value Manager
Courtney Reilly - Customer Value Manager
Brian Roloff - Campaign & Media Director
Michael Sullivan - AutoZone Program Manager

Additional Participants:
Julia Fenn
Travis Musgrave
Ben Velker
Patrick Conley

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