#EdgenetAcademy 3 REWIND - Valuable Perspectives for Suppliers and Retailers

#EdgenetAcademy 3 REWIND - Valuable Perspectives for Suppliers and Retailers

I learned a lot about Edgenet and feel much more at ease after the valuable training sessions. I commend [the] teams' efforts and the support system you have in place.
Lori A. Kalina

Another great Edgenet Academy session is in the books. Our March 3rd session, Edgenet Academy 3, was a huge success. Key people from Sherwin-Williams, MagnaFlow, CIPA USA, Wells Vehicle Electronics, and AutoZone convened at Edgenet headquarters in Nashville for a powerful one day session, and of course, a night on the town in Music City.

Suppliers worked through valuable tasks for better product data, including data quality, digital assets, and GDSN. Attendees were thrilled to take on new knowledge to improve their businesses, and perspectives were broadened between Suppliers and Retailers alike. While we enjoy talking best practices for data management, getting deep into specific attendee workflows and understanding their challenges, and conquering them, is always the most rewarding part of every Edgenet Academy.





Session Summary

Opening Session – led by Brian Roloff and Polly Gleneck

Brian and Polly welcomed everyone to the Edgenet Academy. We began with introductions and asked each participant to establish a goal that they wanted to achieve through the academy. It was important that a colloquial tone was set to encourage open discussions and natural feedback. Brian then led into best practices for data management programs in general and how to apply those to the Edgenet work-flow to increase efficiency.

Commerce User Training & Workshop – led by Dana Becker

Dana worked with New and Experienced Users in the Supplier Portal and partially in the Merchant Portal. She directed the Commerce Trainings for two different groups while promoting hands-on workshops. After she demonstrated a process in our workflow, each of her students then worked through that process in their own account. Wells Vehicle Electronics was pleased to see the Merchant Portal to gain a better understanding of AutoZone's view of new item setup. She did a fabulous job understanding where each user was stuck and ensuring their issues were resolved on-site. She helped upload PIES files for CIPA USA and MagnaFlow. She also works with the Sherwin-Williams Company on their Smart Spreadsheet. Another highlight was that she resized all digital assets to AZ specifications, and uploaded them to Supplier Portal (over 3k images).

GDSN User Training & Workshop – led by Crystal Kerrens

Crystal also worked with New and Experienced Users in the Supplier Portal. She directed the GDSN Trainings for two different groups while promoting hands-on workshops. After demonstrating the most efficient way to navigate through the process, each student then worked through that process in their own account. She did a great job of slowly walking the suppliers through GDSN processes, which, in essence, initiated a conversation with The Sherwin-Williams Company about the benefits of managing both Commerce and GDSN in one spot: Edgenet. As a GDSN proponent, she covered "shortcuts" and "tips and tricks" which relieved many new user who were intimated at first.

Closing Session – led by Brian Roloff

Brian wrapped up by having each supplier discuss their experiences. At this time, we asked the Advanced Users to give the New Users advice when working in the portal. Brian then asked each of the attendees to discuss what they learned and what feature they found to be the biggest benefit. Additionally, we got feedback on additional value we could provide to each company. We also discussed the idea of Social Media User Groups for suppliers to share their experiences with others more frequently. Many ideas came out of this group!


Academy Attendee Feedback

Thank you both Polly and Courtney for a wonderful visit. I learned a lot about Edgenet and feel much more at ease after the valuable training sessions. Again, I commend your teams' efforts and the support system you have in place for Suppliers. Nashville will always hold a special place in my heart and you can bet I'll be in touch when (not if) I return.
Lori A. Kalina
The Sherwin-Williams Company

Thank you guys for everything! 
Brady Locke

Thank you all for the wonderful hospitality, I had a great time and learned a bit as well! Please pass along my thanks to all that made these past couple of days possible.
Michael Wanner

Thank you and the rest of the Edgenet team for holding the Academy – it and the second meeting I had were invaluable in formulating a direction for our work with AutoZone, and hopefully internal use of Edgenet as our info/asset management system. I look forward to continued collaboration and seeing evolution of the cloud. Cool stuff!
Brian Donnell
Wells Vehicle Electronics

Thank you for the great time! I found the time we spent in the training session and break out sessions very useful, I look forward to updating Paul Engl on our time there. Every year I go to the AutoZone Catalog Summit to hear about any possible Edgenet changes, and have to admit, I came away from this meeting understanding Edgenet a whole lot better. It was great being able to see the Merchants side of the portal and I am sure it was also very useful for Tom Robbins to be able to see the vendors side of the portal.
Cheryl Kruncos
Wells Vehicle Electronics



​ Edgenet Attendees

  • Polly Gleneck - Customer Value Manager
  • Courtney Reilly - Customer Value Manager
  • Brian Roloff - Campaign & Media Director
  • Crystal Kerrens - Customer Success Manager
  • Dana Becker - Director of Data Services
  • Rick Jess - Consultant
  • Jim Spalding - Board Member
  • Julia Fenn - Executive Assistant

Academy Agenda

  • 8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
  • 9:00 - 9:30 Meet the Team & Edgenet Overview
  • 9:30 - 9:45 Edgenet Orientation Break
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Commerce Training
  • 11:00 - 12:00 Workshops
  • 12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
  • 12:45 - 1:30 GDSN Training
  • 1:45 - 3:00 Workshops Break
  • 3:00 - 4:00 Wrap Up
  • 5:00 - 6:30 Dinner at The Southern
  • 7:10 Predators Game


  • Experience Level What do you know?
  • Quality Data
  • Quality Engine Score
  • Quantity New item set up
  • Digital Assets Star Images/Videos added
  • Stage Levels to Item Completion: Stages (Commerce)
    • Stage 1: New Product Requests
    • Stage 2: How many total items are in the account?
    • Stage 3: How many items are categorized?
    • Stage 4: DQ score (complete & correct = 75 or greater
    • Stage 5: Data published
    • Stage 6: Data exported to retailer
  • Are all other recipient specific attributes filled out? (Digital assets, private attributes, GDSN completion)
  • Stages (GDSN)
    • Stage 1: # of items pending
    • Stage 2: # of items published
    • Stage 3: # of items rejected

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