Doing Business with The Home Depot Through Edgenet

Doing Business with The Home Depot Through Edgenet

Sending accurate, high quality product content to Home Depot has never been easier than with the Edgenet platform.
You’re a supplier that wants your product on Home Depot’s physical and digital shelves for a rich, complete omnichannel experience.
But how can you be sure that the strenuous process of inputting, validating, and sending product data will produce product content that matches Home Depot’s rigorous data scoring validations? What’s more, how can you be certain your product content will be attractive enough to grab the attention of customers?
We’ve heard your distress, and have just the platform to ease your concerns and take your product content to the next level.

How to do business with The Home Depot using Edgenet

Sending accurate, high-quality product content to Home Depot has never been easier than with the Edgenet platform:

1.  Leverage your product content in the Edgenet platform.

Your content in the Edgenet platform has been validated and scored for quality and should be leveraged to your other recipients. With our years of industry-embedded experience, we’ve set the standard for high-quality taxonomy in the home improvement and automotive aftermarket industries. Leading several big box retailers in their taxonomy development process, we can ensure that your product content meets Home Depot’s specifications for attributes.

2.  Send us your template to be aligned with The Home Depot attribute specifications.

In Edgenet Connect, create a product set of all the items that need to be sent to The Home Depot. Then, streamline your data mapping process by letting us do the work for you. Simply select The Home Depot attribute set Edgenet created for you, and send us your template. We will map the existing product attributes by validating your product content against The Home Depot's retailer-specific rules and formats.

3.  Schedule your template to be uploaded into The Home Depot portal. 

Once Edgenet has returned validated, high-quality product content, upload your finished template directly into The Home Depot portal through Edgenet Connect, and schedule on a daily or weekly basis. With the Edgenet platform, you can be confident that the product content you send to The Home Depot has been validated and scored for accuracy and richness in a way that only Edgenet can achieve.
Don't be fooled by the claims that other product content management companies have made about having a direct connection to The Home Depot. Their "direct connection" doesn't include data mapping or a data refresh tool, forcing you to update products directly in the IDM. Only Edgenet can provide a truly integrated product content management experience for sending your product content to The Home Depot, including data mapping and attribute refresh solutions.

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