Debunking Common Myths About Product Content

Debunking Common Myths About Product Content

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That’s why companies like Edgenet exist: to ease the difficult and tedious process of managing product content.

Debunking Myths about Product Content

The internet has brought the world into a new age of available information, complete with channels for buying and selling. But suppliers and retailers looking to sell online know the painstaking processes that must happen in order to load and distribute their product content (including logistics content) to retailer commerce platforms. That’s why companies like Edgenet exist: to ease the difficult and tedious process of managing product content. 
Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the world of product content, leaving retailers to do their own research on how to get the best deal for the best value when it comes to product content management. 
To give you some time and peace back in your day, we took the time to clear up a few misconceptions (read: myths) about GDSN, data pools, and product content management in general.

Myth #1: It’s time-consuming and costly to switch GDSN providers.

This one is only a half myth. Other GDSN data pools can make it difficult to switch providers through 3-4 year binding contracts, so it can often be very time-consuming and costly to switch. 
When you switch to Edgenet as your preferred GDSN data provider, we make the process painless. With our GDSN Quick Switch process, we handle the process of transitioning your data for you.
All you have to do is extract your data from your current data pool, send it to us, let us load it into the Edgenet spreadsheet, and purge your GLN from your current GDSN provider. After activation, your data will be ready to publish through Edgenet. See? Simple.
When switching to Edgenet, the most time-consuming part of the process is waiting for your current data pool to release your GLN.

Myth #2: Our competitors are integrated with their retailers the way Edgenet is.

Salsify doesn’t have experience with what it takes to be integrated. Being integrated does not equate to a direct connection. A direct connection means you can map and send your data to your chosen endpoint, but integration far outperforms a direct connection. Plus, when utilizing their direct connection, they charge you at every turn, for storage, and for attribute updates.
Edgenet knows what it truly means to be integrated with a retailer. Take our relationship with Lowe’s, for example. We took the time to onboard every single Lowe’s vendor into our platform, teaching them to use our platform, helping them load their data, and allowing it to feed and update directly in the Lowe’s system. This type of relationship renders any other “direct connection with Lowe’s” obsolete, as you must send all of your product content through Edgenet to have it displayed through Lowe’s.
Most product content management solutions also expect you to map your own data, or offer data mapping a price. Edgenet knows that mapping your data for different retailers is usually a long, tedious, redundant process. Companies like Salsify charge service fees for data mapping. At Edgenet, we map your data for you, and we don’t charge you a fee for it. Using our rich taxonomy, we map your data for you; and when we send it back, you can count on it being accurate and complete, every time.

Myth #3: You must use 1WorldSync to send your data to Walmart.

All certified GDSN data pools can send data to any GDSN endpoint. Companies that portray themselves as a “single source of truth for GDSN” are promoting a facade and charging their customers for it.
When a product content management solution tells you they can send your GDSN data, that is false. Only certified GDSN data pools--like Edgenet--can send GDSN data to retailers. Salsify boasts a “direct connection” with some of their retailers. Well, Salsify isn’t certified to directly send GDSN data to retailers. That means when you send GDSN data “through Salsify,” they’re actually sending your data through a third-party data pool that you’ll more than likely have to pay extra for. Noticing a trend yet? 
Plus, GDSN content is notorious for its difficulty and high standards. Edgenet is a certified data pool, which means they can manage your product content and make it as correct and complete as possible, and it is also authorized to send GDSN data directly to retailers, all through a single company.


Myth #4: The journey is over after your data is mapped.

Product content maintenance is key. Chances are, your products will change. They will require different attributes, or maybe you want to send some SKUs to a new retailer endpoint. What then? 
Our competitors would charge you for these updates and changes. We don’t. With Edgenet, you can count on us to work with you to update your items with any necessary changes, and see these items updated in near real-time. And again, other companies will charge you for content maintenance. We believe it’s just part of the process you’re already paying for.

Myth #5: Edgenet is new to the product content management game.

We’ve been collecting, validating, scoring, & sending product content for the last decade. While we didn’t write the book on product content standards, we’re the best in the business at abiding by them and helping our customers do the same.

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