Bacon, Pugs, Nashville, and Product Content

Bacon, Pugs, Nashville, and Product Content

Some companies say they are trying to build something great. The difference is here, you can actually see it happening in real time.


Mike “Mando” Anderson and his pug, Rocky recently moved to join the Edgenet Headquarter office in Nashville, after spending nine years at the satellite office in Waukesha, WI. Mando brings a lot to the workplace, including his extensive knowledge of logistics content, and juicy, delicious bacon (only on Bacon Fridays).

As one of the world’s largest and most trusted certified product content control companies, Edgenet synchronizes over 1,000,000 products for more than 1,400 manufacturers/suppliers, helping them to categorize, complete, and control their product content. Mando is Edgenet’s resident GDSN expert, dealing in logistics and marketing content. Logistics content includes attributes like height, weight, and much more that are necessary to get products shipped and merchandised. All of the content Mando works with must be up to GS1 standards.

Below, Mando shares his experience with getting acclimated to the world of logistics content, to his new home at the Edgenet HQ in Nashville, and his very high standards for bacon:


Coming to Nashville

"October 1, 2007 was my first day at Edgenet. I have spent the better part of 10 years working out of the Waukesha, WI satellite office, first finding my place in the company, and then supporting my coworkers and our clients in all things GDSN. At the end of January 2017, my pug and I finally made the move to the Nashville office.

While I was happy to call the Waukesha, WI area home for nine years, I’m lucky that our company is headquartered in the heart of a growing tech capital (Nashville is now the fourth fastest-growing market for tech jobs in the country). For the last couple of years, any time I would search the internet, there was always an article about the growing technology sector popping up, Nashville was mentioned synonymously.  When I had the opportunity to move to our HQ, it was a no-brainer – I needed to be where the action is.

As Edgenet continues to hire more people with more diverse talents, being at the Headquarters gives me a front row seat to a lot of this growth. It’s great to see the many new faces we are hiring, and I enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with them. Watching all the new people come on board is a welcome experience and I am happy to be part of it."


Logistics Authority

"I honestly didn’t know product content (marketing data, GDSN) was a “thing” in 2007.  I didn’t know anything about GDSN, GS1, and GS1 Standards for product content. Fortunately, I did have a little bit of retail background knowledge from working at Home Depot’s Midwest Divisional office and Ready Set Merchandising, a rep/construction group.

I am happy to have been brought into the wide world of product content and GS1 standards.  Now, I participate in GS1 Events and GS1 working groups, including the GDSN User Group.  I get to work for one out of thirty-three GDSN data pools in the world —the best, I might add. How many people can say that?"


Company Culture and Diversity

"As far as company culture goes, there are a few key things I place a lot of importance on. The first is that everyone’s ideas are important. Watching everyone work together with the idea of one team to achieve one goal.  We also celebrate and have fun as a team. Can’t forget the singing/dancing leprechaun that was in the office on St. Patrick’s Day, which, coincidentally, is also our Director of Strategic Accounts Patrick Conley’s birthday.  That was amusing.

When asked about our favorite activities as a company, a common answer would be our weekly company beers at the neighboring brewery, Black Abbey; but for me, there is a tradition that falls even closer to my heart: Bacon Friday. I started the Bacon Friday tradition in our Waukesha office, and it is being carried on in my absence. We recently had our first Bacon Friday in the Nashville office. It took me a few months, as I had to locate a place near the office that serves top tier bacon (that would be thick cut bacon, crispy, yet melts in your mouth)."


The Edgenet Difference

"Some companies say they are trying to build something great.  The difference is here, you can see it happening in real time.  I got to see us move from Brentwood to Nashville, and watch the redesign of the new headquarters; I got to see us onboard new retailers (Lowe’s was especially exciting); I got to see us add a new product in Edgenet Connect; I’m currently seeing us increase the capabilities of Edgenet Connect with ACES and PIES. It’s always a great experience watching us increase our number of product content capabilities, and the number of new faces at our new headquarters."




When Mando isn’t managing GDSN at Edgenet HQ, you can find him at home hanging out with his pug, Rocky, or catching up on his Chicago sports (Go Cubs!). An avid Star Wars fan, our Nashville HQ office welcomed him with his very own movie poster, below.





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