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For the first time ever, manufacturers can send product data directly to Google and Bing with Ezeedata Search! Product data is delivered to search engines through merchant feeds, and it’s often incomplete or insufficient for shoppers. Ezeedata Search delivers 1000% more product data than the average merchant feed.
* Free use of Ezeedata Search to Google and Bing only.
What does good product data look like? How about bad product data? See for yourself.
Better Marketing Copy &
1000% More Product Details!
Better Marketing
Copy & 1000% More
Product Details!
delivers what search engines and consumers demand.
Be The Authority For Your Product Data
The product data found in most search results is completely out of manufacturer control. That’s because most manufacturers aren’t the source for their own product data. Instead, search engines gather product information from retail product feeds and scraping the web. By providing a direct feed to the world’s largest search engines, Ezeedata Search makes manufacturers the authority for their own product data.
Offer An Elite Shopping Experience
A study released November of 2011 shows online shoppers consider search listing to be the most influential online marketing tool, with 43% indicating search results as “more influential” than just a year before. Those are the kinds of statistics that have businesses all around the world asking questions like, “What is product search engine optimization?” and “How can I deliver an elite shopping experience?”

The best solution: give them more. Consumers and search engines have begun to demand more – more images, more product details, more marketing copy. Consumers are more likely to reward an elite shopping experience with a purchase, and search engines are more likely to reward better product data their own way. Ezeedata Search enriches your data so that you can reap those rewards.
Deliver Over 1000% More Product Details To Consumers
What product attributes are most important to your shoppers? In a global economy, it’s difficult to know your shoppers, let alone what’s valuable to each of them. That’s why delivering more product attributes is a fundamental part of product data optimization for search engines. Most product retail feeds deliver three product attributes. Ezeedata Search will enrich your data to supply over 50 different attributes to Google and Bing – over 1000% more – for even better product searchability.
Rich Product Data Fuels Sales
Manufacturers are looking for every advantage to get their product off the launching pad and into the sales stratosphere. When Ezeedata Search enriches and improves your product data, you may receive competitive advantages through Google and Bing – fuel for increased traffic, clicks and sales. Try Ezeedata Search for free and let the countdown begin.
Enhance Your Data Feed Submission Like Only Ezeedata Search Can
Ezeedata Certification: Submit To Search With Certainty
Search Engines need to know that your data can perform for shoppers. Does it have the attributes consumers demand? Are the images in the right format? Is the marketing copy complete? Certification delivers certainty to a search engine driven to provide the best shopping experience possible. Ezeedata delivers mastery of both the search engine and optimization.
Improve Your Product Data With Metrics
With your Ezeedata score, you'll get a glimpse of how complete, rich and fresh your product data is. Nothing provides a vision of your status and progress like metrics - and the Ezeedata score is the most accurate depiction of your product data's searchability anywhere.
Move To The Top With A Unique Identifier
Shoppers continue to rely on internet search to research and comparison shop. Search engines have begun to demand that every product submitted to their shopping feed bear a unique identifier to enable the best possible shopping experience. The Internet Product Code is Edgenet's solution to the demand for a unique product identifier. Ezeedata Search transforms you into a search engine optimization specialist.
The Latest Is The Greatest
Lately, search engines have begun to shift their algorithms to reflect one consistent consumer demand – the freshest data possible. Ezeedata Search scores your product data for completeness, correctness and freshness. The more data you provide, and the more you update your product data, the higher your score remains.

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