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Wegman's is a member of GDSN™. Wegman's suppliers can select Edgenet’s Big Hammer as their certified GDSN™ Data Pool.

The Edgenet Difference with GDSN

With Edgenet's GDSN™ Data Pool, suppliers experience increased accuracy, improved efficiency and cost savings by managing and synchronizing GDSN™ data. As the largest data pool in North America for GDSN in the hardlines industry, Edgenet sets the highest standard with our exclusive progressive data quality service. No other GDSN data pool can match the level of validations, streamlined processes and expert support provided by Edgenet's Big Hammer data services.

Additionally, suppliers have the option to manage their marketing content and retailer specific data with Edgenet's single source solution. Suppliers can choose to drive demand for their products by sharing their product content with media sites, such as, and, providing increased product exposure to consumers and retail merchants.

Edgenet offers unmatched benefits to Wegman's suppliers:

Single Source Management for all Data

Edgenet’s Big Hammer Data is the only solution that allows suppliers to manage all product data (marketing, GDSN and private data) in one location and within one interface. Suppliers can synchronize GDSN data with their retailers & distributors and also send marketing and private data to retailers and distributors in the Edgenet Network, plus extract data for internal company use and other trading partners.

Time and Cost Savings

Unlike other GDSN pools, Big Hammer has no need for suppliers to pay for a 3rd party solution to process data to another data pool. Compare our competitive pricing to any other certified GDSN™ provider. We encourage you to take the data challenge and see how much money you can save.

Flexible Data Management

Choose from multiple convenient options to manage data: Online web interface with complete functionality to manage GDSN, an offline Smart SpreadSheet that allows suppliers to work offline and upload later, or direct XML feeds for suppliers with a large amount of items.

Easy-to-use Guided Instructions

Step-by-step instructions are easy to follow for uploading and publishing GDSN data.

Timely and Accurate

Built in GDSN data validations that will insure data is correct before sending to retailers, cutting down on errors and allowing suppliers to synchronize GDSN data in a timely fashion.

Tracking and Quality

Full and continuous visibility to the status of GDSN items with complete error notification response handling from retailers.

Support and Access to GDSN Specialists

Tiered support at no additional cost provides access to GDSN topic experts. These experts understand the intricacies with each retailer GDSN implementation, including Walmart, Sears, Lowe’s and more.

Increase Efficiency with Standardized Data

Add GDSN data, build packaging hierarchies and publish your data. Studies have found that synchronized data results in significant decreases in supply chain and logistical costs, increased operational efficiency, sales productivity and speed to market. Reach new consumers through Share products with consumers on Better Homes & Gardens for no additional charge by choosing to also manage your marketing data with Edgenet

Reach New Merchants Through HCN

Showcase products to merchants on to generate qualified buyer leads. This is available at no additional cost to marketing data customers.

GDSN item information maintained by Big Hammer and subscribed to by Wegman's will be sent to Wegman's in accordance to our agreement with the GS1. This only includes GDSN item information and does not include any other value-added services provided by Big Hammer.

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