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The Benefits You Need at the Right Price

At Edgenet, we pride ourselves on delivering great value backed by great support. Our simple and affordable data services plan is based on each company's unique needs. These benefits include:

Pricing that reflects your business needs
  • Pay only for what you need - like a cell phone plan that is based on your annual usage
  • Annual plan fee based on number of products, plus nominal per item and image charge
  • Send data to an unlimited amount of retailers & distributors within the data network
  • Budgeting is easy because our price will not fluctuate with your gross sales

Fully control your data for the first time
  • Control where your data is sent and understand where it is used
  • Authorize data to go where your business needs it; no more black hole where you don't where it is used, how it is used and how accurate it is
  • Distribute your data into multiple industries 
  • Use automated processes to ensure quality data reaches your downstream channels

Manage data your way with three simple options
  • Load data quickly through the Product Registry web user interface
  • Populate data offline at your own pace through Excel based Smart Spreadsheets
  • Integrate your MDM or PIM with a direct XML feed

Extend your product data lifecycle
  • Stage new products for release with the Supplier
  • Introduce and test your new product data with Product Listing
  • Actively manage your product data during high activity stages and deliver data to your recipients faster
  • Modify data in one place for closeouts
  • Manage replacement parts data for longer term control
  • Ensure that product data is deactivated at end of life when new products are ready to replace them

Let the Supplier Portal do the work
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use interface that includes one-click access to data management, dashboard statistics and helpful wizards for editing items and subscription requests
  • Deliver quality data to retailers, suppliers and media partners through data validations, powerful workflow tools and complete audit trail capabilities
  • Manage the product lifecycle effectively from early product introduction to discontinuing products and closeouts

Service Features
  • Manage data in a single source and distribute to multiple retailers and distributors
  • Image server to download digital assets
  • Automatic Pre-authorization distributes product data quickly
  • Preauthorize industry-wide to save time & resources
  • View data quality feedback to progressively improve the quality of your data
  • Enhanced validations ensure complete and accurate product information is delivered every time
  • Compare data quality scores against other suppliers in your category
  • Control brand & identity
  • Safely store all high value product images & digital assets in a repository that is linked to products
  • Choose over 160 file formats to export images
  • Provide one high quality (high resolution) image in a single format and export the format and size you need
  • List products at no additional cost for product you manage in the marketing data pool

Pricing Features
  • Plans for companies of all sizes
  • Annual fees are all-inclusive
  • Free support via email, chat or phone
  • Free online help and training webinars
  • No software maintenance fees
  • No disaster recovery fees
  • No maintenance or transaction fees
  • Annual plan is not based on sales
  • No fees for sending data to additional network retailers or distributors
  • Download data for your business
  • Download data for retailers outside of the network
  • Pay only for the product data you manage; no need to enroll entire company
  • SaaS eliminates need for high priced implementations or installed software
  • Reduce consulting needs; we provide software, training, service & support
  • Never disclose your company's private financial information

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