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US Auto Parts Announces Content Synchronization Partnership with Edgenet to Drive Supplier Sales

Supplier Participation in the Marketing Data Pool (MDP) and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) will increase efficiency and multi-channel sales for US Auto Parts and its suppliers

Dear US Auto Parts Supplier:

In today's tough economic times, accurate and timely product data is the key competitive advantage to successfully setting your products apart from the competition. In an effort to enrich and increase our product data and drive online sales, we are kicking off an initiative to collect Marketing and GDSN (logistics) product data.

US Auto Parts is excited to announce its partnership with Edgenet and the launch of the Data Collection Program, an initiative that our suppliers can utilize to exchange marketing product content and logistical data in a way that is seamless and error-free. The Data Collection Program is designed to benefit US Auto Parts and more importantly, our suppliers.

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The Edgenet Network:

Suppliers find great value in Edgenet's data solution that allows them collect, aggregate and publish product information to multiple channels. Regardless if suppliers join to reduce costs or increase sales opportunities, the Edgenet Network improves bottom line performance. Suppliers choose from data, advertising and selling solutions to help manage content efficiently, market products effectively and improve quality and profitability.

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