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The Challenge:

How easily can suppliers collect, manage, and distribute product information to everyone who needs it? Chances are that internal employees, retailers and other business partners each need various product information delivered in a wide variety of formats.

The Solution:

With Edgenet, suppliers gather and manage the total spectrum of product information. A single point of entry makes it easy to collect marketing data, GDSN logistics data, industry specific data, category specific data (taxonomy and ontology) as well as data specific to retailers and distributors. Suppliers are able to manage and distribute a complete set of product data to anyone who needs it.

The Edgenet Difference:

 Suppliers choose a collection method and enjoy step-by-step guidance along the way:

  • Supplier Portal online web interface allows suppliers to login, upload and manage product data
  • Smart Spreadsheet offline management is similar to Microsoft Excel and is populated offline and uploaded at any time
  • Direct XML Feed is available for high volume product data

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