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Automotive Distribution Network Announces Content Synchronization Partnership with Edgenet to Support Vendors

Vendor Participation in the Edgenet Data Service will increase efficiency and multi-channel sales for ADN and the Industry as a whole.

Dear ADN Vendor:

In today’s tough economic times, accurate and timely product data is the key competitive advantage to successfully setting your products apart from the competition. In an effort to enrich and increase our product data and drive sales, we are kicking off an initiative to collect marketing and logistics product data. ADN is excited to announce its partnership with Edgenet and the launch of the Data Collection Program, an initiative that our vendors can utilize to exchange marketing product content and logistical data in a way that is efficient and accurate. The Data Collection Program is designed to benefit ADN and more importantly, our vendors. When fully implemented the data feed from Edgenet will auto populate Network Partshare. This alternative to emailing spread sheets will meet The Network’s information requirement, with a much more efficient process.

As you are already enrolled with Edgenet and your product content exists in Edgenet’s data pools, you know the immediate benefits through:

  • Increased speed of new product introduction.
  • Provide customers useful and accurate product information quickly and from a single source.
  • Reduction in the disparate data requests from ADN.
  • Increased awareness and accountability through product content collection, tracking and reporting.

In order to achieve our mutual objective of more product sales, we rely on your support. On our behalf, Edgenet will be subscribing to all of the items that currently exist in the Edgenet Data Pools for you to publish to ADN. It is important that you review and accept the subscription requests as soon as possible and ensure that you have complete data for those items that have been subscribed to by us.

If you have any questions about this program or our expectations, please email ADN at We look forward to a successful implementation and tangible benefits for all!

Roderick Williams
Automotive Distribution Network (ADN)
Information Manager
(901) 682-9090 Ext. 14

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