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Joining is easy!

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How to Join:
  • Determine the primary business contact and data entry contacts for your company
  • Have an authorized party accept the online agreement and have access to a major credit card during the signup process
  • If you intend on signing up for GDSN data, have your GLN number available. If you don’t know what a GLN is or need help getting a GLN number, call 877-EDGENET and we can assist you
  • Enter your contact information, select a data plan that best fits your needs and complete payment
Join Edgenet
After Joining You Will:
  • Receive an email with your login with access to Supplier Portal
  • Be contacted by a data collection team member
  • Have access to several methods of training, including self-paced, online guides and live Q&A sessions
  • Be able to start preparing your images and parts schematics for data collection

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  • 877-334-3638