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The Edge - The official blog of Edgenet, Inc. Talking smart about the world of buyers' guides, product data feeds, and data feed optimization solutions.

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What Is Product Data And Why Should You Care?

Posted by on in Product Data Management



As mentioned previously, we can't cover all of the insights in this article with a single blog post. The article covers so much of the ground we discuss here at the blog and on our website that we're going to take our time with it.

The article asks "What Is Product Data And Why Should You Care?", and then explains that we have realized the need to maintain lists of contact data - and the burgeoning need to structure, de-dupe, and complete that data. We just haven't carried that same practicality and sensibility into the world of product data, even though it's just as necessary. How does product data get so complex, and why should you care?

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Optimize For Mobile Shopping: It Begins With Structured Data

Posted by on in Internet Retail





As more consumers turn to mobile devices for everyday activities, some merchants are skipping building a website suited for mobile, and instead working to ensure their products are optimized for mobile devices. So, even if you can't make your website practical and pretty for mobile, you can definitely make your inventory ready for mobile shoppers.

This article from indicates that 65.2% of merchants do not have a mobile website - but mentions that 60% are willing to optimize their online product listings for mobile shoppers.

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We're All A Lot Like Billy Beane, Or The Rise Of Structured Data

Posted by on in Product Search
Billy Beane is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, famous because his revolutionary approach to assessing talent and creating a professional sports team. It's not often a book - and then an Oscar-nominated movie - are written about a sports executive.
Beane studies lots and lots of statistics in assessing talent, creating unique calculations of value in a process called sabermetrics. So, whereas another general manager would have seen great value in a strapping young prospect with a batting average of .350 (hits/at bats), Billy Beane might find the prospect's actual value to be far less looking at his (hits +walks) (total bases)/(at-bats + walks).
Bored yet? Lots of old-school managers were, too. Until Billy started winning. And winning. And winning with a pretty small payroll. A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you'll catch people's attention.
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