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A New Customer Rises - The Entirely Mobile Shopper

Posted by on in Internet Retail



We might have to stop using the term "e-retail," since "e-retail" has shifted to the mainstream. And we may, soon, have to stop using the term "mobile shopper." It appears that soon, we all will be.

Internet Retailer notes what it calls "a major new phenomenon in e-retail" - customers who only use mobile. In its article, the website notes that 1/3 of the shoppers at the 10 ten retailers shop on mobile-only devices. It's a huge shift in platform - and in the type of shopper. 

In a separate article, Internet Retailer notes that mobile shoppers aren't just comparing prices with their devices in stores - they're looking up reviews, researching a product, and visiting that store's mobile site. 

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Everybody Loves Brand Manufacturer Sites

Posted by on in Internet Retail

So, you’re a manufacturer and you opened a little retail site just to entertain a little traffic? Internet Retailer reports that brand manufacturers lead other merchants in monthly visits to their retail website, likely because 52% of the traffic coming to brand manufacturer sites were new visitors. The four different types of merchants detailed in the Internet Retailer story included brand manufacturers, catalogers, retail chains, and retailers that only sell on the web.


Now What?

What should brand manufacturers do with news that they themselves might be the most popular source for a new customer? The answer is found in another study mentioned in the same Internet 

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Optimize For Mobile Shopping: It Begins With Structured Data

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As more consumers turn to mobile devices for everyday activities, some merchants are skipping building a website suited for mobile, and instead working to ensure their products are optimized for mobile devices. So, even if you can't make your website practical and pretty for mobile, you can definitely make your inventory ready for mobile shoppers.

This article from indicates that 65.2% of merchants do not have a mobile website - but mentions that 60% are willing to optimize their online product listings for mobile shoppers.

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Study On Mobile Devices Demonstrates Thirst For Product Information

Posted by on in Internet Retail



A recent study by ClickIQ demonstrates how badly consumers want product information while shopping. ClickIQ polled consumer panel members who used their phone or mobile device to research products while shopping. 61% said they used the internet to research a particular product, far and away the most popular activity.

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Foot Traffic Replaced By Finger Traffic

Posted by on in Internet Retail

Remember the old days? Like 2008? Back then foot traffic was one of the biggest desirables in retail. Retailers wanted nothing more than shoppers to walk into their store, shop the specials, stay to peruse the inventory, and be upsold by the staff.

In his latest article, Ad Age’s Antony Young has announced the new old days.

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Go Mobile, But Don't Miss The Point

Posted by on in Internet Retail

The fabulous site Internet Retailer reports in this article that 50% of U.S. mobile phone owners use their devices to shop online or to assist while shopping in stores. It's a stunning statistic - but one of those emerging statistics that you just know is going to change radically in a short period of time. Remember when Facebook was the big thing because it had 500,000,000 users last year? Yeah, that's 800,000,000 now.

Internet Retailer goes on to describe a burgeoning group of shoppers called "light mobile phone users" who are demanding more from retailers and their mobile device to assist them with their shopping questions and needs. Apps are great. Mobile sites are necessary. But let's lock in on the problem and solution. Are you ready for this?

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