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The Edge - The official blog of Edgenet, Inc. Talking smart about the world of buyers' guides, product data feeds, and data feed optimization solutions.

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Complete, Accurate Product Data Generates Web Revenue

Posted by on in Product Data Management


It's a point we've made over and over at this blog, because, frankly, it's the point that every business is interested in: the bottom line.

Yeah, that point.

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Google And Bing Want Fresh Product Data. So Refresh.

Posted by on in Product Search

It's likely you've heard about the shift in both Google and Bing's algorithm which rewards fresh content in organic search. But you might not have realized that the search engines prize freshness - perhaps to an even higher level - within product search.

It makes sense, doesn't it? You don't want shoppers showing up at your stores looking for merchandise that is outdated at prices that are no longer in effect (as described in this interview Edgenet's Craig Cervenka performed earlier this year with Robert Hintz,  a Powersports Dealer).

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Google Makes It Official: Freshness Matters

Posted by on in Product Search

Google has announced in its blog that it has changed its algorithm to return the latest, most recent relevant results first. It's a trend we've seen with our product data feeds - people want the latest information and they want to know when the information was last updated.

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