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The Edge - The official blog of Edgenet, Inc. Talking smart about the world of buyers' guides, product data feeds, and data feed optimization solutions.

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Search Is Taking Over. Are You In Or Out?

Posted by on in Product Search



Mashable one of world's hottest websites for news, has just published an article entitled "Seven Startups That Live Or Die By Search." Here at The Edge, we're all about reading things so you don't have to - so allow us to give you the takeaways from the Mashable article:

1. Search Isn't Just Google - It might actually use Google's search engine, but

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Edgenet Launches "Edgenet Trends"

Posted by on in Edgenet Everywhere

We're proud to present episode 1 of our podcast, "Edgenet Trends." This episode, hosted by Edgenet's Peter Montross, focuses on Edgenet's Ezeedata Search, it's premium solution that collects, perfects and then delivers your product data directly to Edgenet's partners, Google and Bing.

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