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"Customers Are Crying Out For More Product Information"

Posted by on in Internet Retail
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We've been telling you for years that consumer behavior has shifted forever. We see it in studies like this one, which explain that impulse buying is dead. Challenging economic times, the rise of mobile devices being used as "data devices", and the increased demand for better images, videos and details have all combined to create a population clamoring for more.

We've recently stumbled across a study which proved our point. The study showed

that 30% of consumers - by far the largest segment - said better product details would be the best way to improve consumer shopping sites. And the number leaps to over 40% for the wealthiest consumers.

But here's the biggie. We're going to bold this, because it's ha-yuge:

According to the findings, over 37 percent of consumers who own a smartphone haven't made purchases because of the lack of product details on an app or because of inconsistencies in information with other channels.

That's right. Deliver incomplete or bad data and the customer goes away.

So, let's recount what we've learned today: Customers want better product data. They're telling you that's the best way to improve their shopping experience. They're also telling you that if you don't give them complete, consistent data, they're not going to buy.

It's time to make a real decision about how your product data is managed, and whether it's rich enough for your customers. Sales are hanging in the balance.

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