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Pet Owners Get Smart (Featuring A Cute Cat Picture)

Posted by on in Internet Retail
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If you think we wrote this post because we could then put a picture of a cat in it, and cat pictures are really popular, you are only partly right. Because as popular as cat pictures have become, shoppers reviewing product data online has become even bigger.

We might have to just make a template of this post so we can change the underlined words and then publish it for any industry: shoppers are going online to research for products in the pet industry. That's because more and more shoppers in the pet industry have very specific product details - demands that MUST BE MET - before a purchase is made.

 For pet owners, recent travesties with the content and effect of pet food ingredients, coupled with a rise in the cultural idea of "pet as a family member" have made shoppers very particular and detail-oriented with their shopping. The result are studies like the recent "Supplies and Pet Care Products in the U.S., 9th Edition," which show nearly 2/3 of shoppers today are concerned about product safety when it comes to pet care products. This article says it best: "Regardless of which path today's petfood makers choose, they will be dealing with a much better informed consumer market whose days of being a captive audience are indeed a thing of the past."

Better informed how? Through search and research. Because pet food suppliers and distributors are increasingly interested in promoting their brands on the internet and to shoppers with structured product information.

Enough about product data. You can now get back to your favorite viral cat video. Be warned: we have a short list of favorites, and we're not afraid to use them.

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