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Google Shopping: What "So What?" Will Get You

Posted by on in Product Search
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Most of us suffer from a bit of the "So What?" syndrome - the mindset that causes emails, dishes, or voicemails to stack up. The syndrome gets worse when it comes to change. Think of how many of your Facebook friends grouse about minute changes to Facebook. Often, we are dragged kicking and screaming to change.

On May 31, Google announced changes to its Google Shopping which will require any merchant who wants their products visible to submit a feed of information to Google. And the information you submit better match what's on your website.


And before you flip your "So What" switch, take a look at what could happen if your feed of information doesn't match the information on your website. The merchant who wrote in this Google Product Forum had email issues and didn't receive/heed the warnings Google sent. Google crippled traffic to his business by removing his listings.

What's that? You're saying "So What?" because you think Google Shopping doesn't have an impact on your sales or traffic? This article surveyed businesses and found that for half of the respondents, Google Shopping provided at least 20% of their traffic. About half of the respondents said Google Shopping was responsible for at least 20% OF THEIR SALES.

Google Shopping officially rolls out in October, but, as we reported earlier, changes have already begun. Time to start to understand the shift in online shopping. Stick with us, and we'll keep you updated on what we're learning and the wealth of data feed optimization experience Edgenet brings to the table.


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