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Feed Management In The Era Of Customization

Posted by on in Product Data Management
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Edgenet's Peter Montross and Craig Cervenka are featured in the latest episode of "Edgenet Trends," and they're talking about the demanding world of product data feeds, product data management, and meeting the ever-changing target set by consumers and retailers.

In 2000, no one would have cared too much about how many ounces your travel-size shampoo was. By the end of 2001, laws had changed, and 3.5 ounce bottles were necessary. Does your car have an ipod dock or interface? Some people are making buying decisions based on whether they can play their music while driving.


What about food? Whether its to promote or protect good health - like gluten-free - or whether its socially conscious - like organic - or whether its based on your own quirks - farm-fresh eggs, farm-raised salmon...consumers will either buy or walk away from a product based on specific details.

Data Feed Optimization demands that manufacturers deliver complete product data that is able to answer the constantly-changing, but ever-demanding consumer.

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