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Edgenet's Data Feed Expertise Is Sounding Pretty Good Right Now

Posted by on in Product Search
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Even before the product is rolled out, some members of the jury are returning a verdict.

On May 31, Google announced massive changes to Google Shopping, which are scheduled to take effect completely by October 1. Changes have already begun , and as experts begin to understand what's coming, some are worried about how retailers will react. Blogger Andrew Davis details "Why The New Google Shopping S*cks For E-Merchants."

Take it from us - Davis is right when he expresses concerns about a general, industry-wide ignorance to the importance of product data. We've been on our soap box a while, and even though we see the overwhelming evidence that Ezeedata's a game changer for data quality - and earnings - we have continued to witness businesses that don't see value in high quality product data.

Until now.

Google has a way of getting a point across. Just ask "Rosehips" who commented on Davis' blog post: "My online business has dropped over 500% in the last week because of this new program. I wonder if Google even cares that they are going to destroy some small businesses. Of course they don't. "


Attention "Rosehips" and those of you who have been driving searches for terms like "Data Feed Optimization' way up, while clamoring to understand what a data feed is, what a merchant feed is...and trying to discover just what is going on: One thing you can be sure of - Edgenet has the answers. Edgenet has been delivering price and availability feeds for over ten years, and delivers a data feed of product data certified and enriched by Ezeedata to Google every day.

Davis is right - if you don't get merchant feeds, or what a data feed is, does, or what a great one is, Google's changes could be tough. Then again, if you've got Edgenet, you're partnering with data feed optimization experts.



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