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Edgenet's Ezeedata Delivers 60% More Web Orders

Posted by on in Testimonials
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We've been telling you for years that better, highly structured data results in a bigger bottom line. Better data reduces inefficiencies, as indicated in an IBM study showing that companies lose an average of 8.2 million dollars annually from data collection issues.

And that's just data collection, not dissemination. One of our partners indicated that a supplier in their industry had to create between 50-100 data sets for 50-100 distributors.

Consumers might indicate that they're clamoring for details, but in truth, today's shopper is looking for structured details. It's the structure that allows shoppers to comparison shop and identify the details they demand.

But, alas, we're burying the lead. And the lead is pretty huge. It's 50-point-bold-CAPS huge. In a recent email to its suppliers, one of our partners indicates that orders are up for items syndicated by Edgenet's Ezeedata.

Way up. Way, way up. Up 60% over the last 6 months compared to the prior 6 months.

Could you use an increase in your orders? We can't guarantee an increase as boffo as 60% - but we know the power of quality, structured data. It's 50-point-bold-CAPS powerful.


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