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Do You Hear Something?

Posted by on in Internet Retail
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You know the scene in Jurassic Park - the scientists are breathlessly collecting themselves after a run-in with a dinosaur when a low rumble is heard.

"Don't - Move," whispers one scientist to the other. Something HUGE is behind them. Something that may - could - eat them alive.

If you do a quick survey of recent articles, it looks like a lot of retail and etail observers hear something. Check out this article at We'll drop a quote on you:

"According to the latest Online Consumer Report, organic search engine results are responsible for 18% of the traffic to online retailers, with Google accounting for 80% of these searches.

If you are an e-commerce merchant it is crucial you learn how to work with Google and comply with their rules and regulations."


There was a time when the most prudent business decision was wait. Wait, see how the markets react, what people think. Wait and see. Today's era has a new mantra: Innovate or be left behind.

In the "old days" of 2008, Facebook boasted over 60 million daily users. Today, over 400 million people log in to Facebook every day.

Waiting isn't what it used to be. For example, the term "online retailer" is swiftly becoming a redundancy: if you are a retailer, then you are an online retailer. And if you're not, then you're ceding untold sales to your competition. Innovate or be left behind.

So, back to dinosaurs and what you're hearing. That loud noise you haven't heard but experts are hearing is Google, who has just started to flex its retail muscles. Google knows today's consumer loves to comparison shop, loves images, and is demanding more data than ever.

The article does a good job of detailing the steps you'll need to follow to deal with the enormous carnivorous beast standing behind you. But you do have an alternative - Edgenet, who handles the five steps proscribed along with a lot of proprietary product data magic that makes us the best.

There's a reason Google has partnered with us to directly send them product data. Innovators hear what's coming long before it's gaining on you.


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