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Testimonial: PIDA's Steve King Lauds Edgenet's Technology and Service

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Steve King, President of the Pet Industry Distributors Association, knew his industry was entering into a time of real challenge. He knew his distributors all had their own demands when it came to the product information they required, and he saw the surge of shoppers reviewing and studying products online. 

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Edgenet's Ezeedata Delivers 60% More Web Orders

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We've been telling you for years that better, highly structured data results in a bigger bottom line. Better data reduces inefficiencies, as indicated in an IBM study showing that companies lose an average of 8.2 million dollars annually from data collection issues.

And that's just data collection, not dissemination. One of our partners indicated that a supplier in their industry had to create between 50-100 data sets for 50-100 distributors.

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The Edgenet / 50 Below Partnership: "One of the most significant technological developments I’ve seen"

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Edgenet has recently inked a partnership with 50 Below, THE premiere internet business solutions provider which has been providing web-based solutions for thousands of clients. The Edge recently had a chance to talk to Edgenet's Craig Cervenka about the impact this deal will have.

EDGE: How important is the partnership that has been forged between 50 below and Edgenet?

CC: The 50 Below – Edgenet partnership is extremely important as it is a catalyst for one of the most significant technological developments I’ve seen since retailer web sites became commonplace over a decade ago.

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