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Brick & Mortar's Last Stand

Posted by on in Internet Retail
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We keep seeing prophecies about our future coming true - like "Minority Report" computers (but, sadly, not the flying cars), so we knew this day in retail would come. It's just always startling when you witness it happening.

Target - the United States' #2 discount chain - has begun to create strategies to compete with Amazon. In a recent communication between the chain and its suppliers, Target unveiled a plan to stop acting as a "showroom" for Amazon shoppers. Their strategies include:


Strategy #1: Differentiated, Guest-Focused Assortment

Strategy #2: Offer the Same Pricing as Online-Only Retailers

Strategy #3: Subscription-Based Pricing


...and the tide has turned. Just a few years ago, Amazon would have been developing a strategy to attack brick and mortar stores. But as more and more shoppers adopt the internet marketplace, brick and mortar stores are forced to fight online business for market share.

What can shoppers get online that they can't get in a store? Convenience, reviews, and data. Lots of data. Make sure your delivering the product data shoppers demand where they demand it - online.

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