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Product Data Technology That Lets You Know
What You Have and What You Need.
And More.
Another Edgenet Success Story
PIDA's Steve King Explains The
Power Of Edgenet.
Edgenet's Ezeedata Optimization connects Manufacturers, Retailers and Shopping Engines to create world-class product data feeds.
In today’s information-hungry world, your product data management must excel. Optimize your product feed and deliver rich, highly-attributed product data with Edgenet.
Optimize Your Product Data
Meet Karl
Edgenet Highlighted at Microsoft TechEd
Edgenet Featured In Microsoft's Video, Keynote Address
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Data Feed Optimization
Ezeedata Optimization
Edgenet’s Data Feed Optimization tool delivers rich supplier product data for Logistics, Retailers and Search and Shopping Engines.
Data for Shopping Feeds
*For Suppliers - If you're a Retailer, Click Here
Optimized Data Feeds
Who we collect product data for
Who receives our product data feeds
With Great Data Comes Great Power

Welcome to Edgenet

Edgenet exists because, through all the flux in today’s economy, one thing is constant – the need for rich, complete product data. Shoppers demand it to buy the right product for their needs. Retailers covet it to close transactions at their store. And manufacturers long for it so they can control how their products and brand are displayed.

No one makes product data great like Edgenet. Through our proprietary processes of data collection, structuring and data feeds – and in the product data solutions we mount on our structured product data – Edgenet stands alone.

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